Volume 1, Issue 4 (April 2011)

Global Dialogue

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The fourth issue of Global Dialogue carries reports from the Middle East and North Africa about the insurgencies of the last few months, as well as the tragedies of the Japanese tsunami. It continues the debate on cosmopolitanism, this time from India. We summarize the main decisions made by the ISA Executive Committee at a meeting held in the National Autonomous University in Mexico City which took place along with an International Conference on Inequality. We publish an account of Sociologists without Borders; a report on a conference of the European Sociological Association; and a celebratory address at the 20th. Anniversary of the Turkish Sociological Association. We have begun a column on human rights violations, and in our history corner we tell the story of the 1982 ISA World Congress in Mexico City. I’m delighted and amazed to announce that Global Dialogue will now appear in no less than 9 languages – English, French and Spanish, Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Portuguese, Japanese and most recently Hindi. We also have an alluring, user-friendly brand new design. The ISA has opened its own Facebook page as well as begun video broadcasting Global Sociology, Live!, featuring sociologists from all corners of the earth.