Volume 1, Issue 3 (February 2011)

Global Dialogue
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The third issue of Global Dialogue begins with an interview with the President of the Japanese Sociological Society, Shujiro Yasawa, talking about his past and Japanese sociology. We continue the lively debate about global sociology and cosmopolitanism, supplemented with reports from China, Malaysia, Argentina, Colombia, Poland, Australia and the UN. We have articles on the history of the Madrid office and on the global reach of the internet. Margaret Abraham, Vice-President for Research, tells us of the plans for the forum in Buenos Aires. The theme, appropriately enough, is “Social Justice and Democratization” — very much in line with the social movements, expanding from Tunisia to Egypt and beyond. The newsletter gets longer and I’m delighted to say it has also expanded into three new languages — Portuguese, Japanese and Arabic — making 8 in all. Global Dialogue is an extraordinary feat of international collaboration by dedicated teams of young sociologists. I thank them all for their hard work of translation, editing, and designing, as they stretch our community across the earth.