by Donatella della Porta, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, Italy Donatella della Porta is one of the internationally best known and most prolific scholars in the area of social movements. Her work spans many countries, but particularly Europe and Latin America, and bridges several disciplines, especially sociology and political science. A champion of a multi-method approach […]

by Alberto Martinelli, University of Milan, Italy, current President of the International Social Science Council and former ISA President, 1998-2002 Looking backward, we acknowledge that both sociology and its international association, the ISA, have made impressive advances; looking forward, we realize that there is much more to do to make them truly global. The promotion […]

by Mimmo Perrotta, University of Bergamo, Italy In September 2013, the national French television France 2 broadcast a report about the dramatic living and working conditions of migrant farmworkers in Puglia, Southern Italy. The report, Les récoltes de la honte (The Harvest of Shame), described the harvesting and processing of broccoli and tomatoes, grown in […]

by Devi Sacchetto, University of Padova, Italy The national Italian Strike Commission supervises and controls the right to strike, and protects consumers against strikes in the so-called public services – essential transportation, vital health facilities, local and national emergencies. In 2013, following strikes in the logistic sector, the Commission ruled that milk is a basic […]

by Luisa M. Leonini, University of Milan, Italy Michael, 22 years old, has been employed for almost a year in a well-known wine house in a now fashionable area of Milan. Working as a waiter with a fix-term contract, he found this job through social networks: his father works as a clerk in a shop […]

by Alessandro Gandini, University of Milan, Italy, and member of ISA Research Committee on the Sociology of Professional Groups (RC52) In the last few decades, the rise of the creative and cultural industries has created a large number of mostly media-based professions, often popularized as the “creative class.” Today, this large workforce has converged into […]

Alberto Martinelli-Università degli studi di Milano I risultati   Dalle elezioni del 24/25v febbraio 2013 emerge un sistema politico polarizzato e frammentato che, a causa della pessima legge elettorale, non configura una maggioranza coerente al Senato, con grave rischio di ingovernabilità. La coalizione di centro-sinistra di Bersani arriva prima alla Camera per soli 120.000 voti […]

by Laura Corradi, University of Calabria, Italy  “The Italian University is hardly surviving. It is in a condition of disease and growing marginalization, which can find little comparison in our contemporary history. Economic resources for the institutional functioning of one of the oldest academia in the world were drastically reduced well before the present global […]

by Roberto Cipriani, University Roma Tre, Italy, and President of the Council of National Associations of the European Sociological Association A great step forward was made by the ISA at the World Congress in Brisbane in 2002, when it was decided for the first time to elect a Vice-President for National Associations. But the procedural […]

by Roberto Cipriani, President of the ESA Council of National Associations Representatives of 21 Sociological Associations took part in the meeting organized by the European Sociological Association in Paris, October 28th, 2010. ESA President Anália Torres, ESA Past President Claire Wallace and members of the ESA Executive Committee were present too. Our special guests were […]